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Celebrate a special occasion with Cakes? Cakes are an essential part that takes the celebration to another level and makes them extra special. With their sweet and creamy flavor, they help express love and warm wishes for your loved ones. 



  • Mercedes Roll
    Meringue rolls with golden yellow custard filling. The crust has a wavy design and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar.
    USD 36
  • Classic Mocha Roll
    Mocha flavored sponge cake with mocha buttercreme filling and icing. This cake is decorated with mocha praline chocolate toppers and twin chocolate chips.
    USD 38
  • Luscious Caramel
    Soft mocha and vanilla cakes filled with caramel and vanilla butter filling the covered with marbled caramel icing and drizzled with yummy caramel sauce.
    USD 55
  • Mango Chantilly
    Enjoy layers of mango and vanilla chiffon filled with Italian icing and mango jam and decorated with Mango marshmallows.
    USD 55
  • Choco Indulgence
    Choco Indulgence is made up of three layers of rich and moist pound chocolate cake with two layers of chocolate mousse filling infused with chocolate bits.
    USD 55
  • Peach Mango Symphony Cake
    Peach Mango Symphony Cake is made up of three (3) layer white chiffon base cake, filled with mango filling, and iced with white frosting. Top is bordered with a pili-shaped like border, with mango syrup, peach slices, and a cherry at the center.
    USD 55
  • Coffee Crunch
    Tempting layers of cream cake with delightful coffee crunch in between and topped with delicious honeycomb crunch.
    USD 58
  • Cappuccino Crème
    Indulgent cappuccino-inspired cake, finely crafted with elegant coffee art.
    USD 58
  • Ube Bloom Cake
    Ube Bloom Cake by Red Ribbon: This new Red Ribbon creation is made of soft and moist ube chiffon cake and has real ube halaya filling. It is coated with white frosting and partially covered with ube crumble on the side for added ube goodness, then embellished with ube glaze and blooming.
    USD 58
  • Sunset Cake
    Soft layers of white chiffon cake with custard cream filling, en-robed in luscious sweetened milk and caramel icing. Covered in toasted chiffon crumbs and topped with a frosted caramel.
    USD 62
  • Vanilla Chiffon Cake
    A three-layer vanilla chiffon cake covered and filled with velvety whipped cream and sprinkled with slightly roasted almond slivers. It's finished with white chocolate ganache and white chocolate triangle toppers that sit between the cake's carefully designed rosettes.
    USD 62
  • Classic Carnival
    Four layers of crunchy sansrival dough filled with sweet and creamy butter icing and cashew nuts. The whole cake is iced with the same butter icing and generously sprinkled with cashew nuts.
    USD 66
  • Royal Fudge
    Three layers of moist chocolate caramel cake, sprayed with simple syrup and filled with a combo of a thin layer of chocolate buttercreme icing / filling and choco mousse filling. The whole cake is iced with whipped cream and chocolate ganache on top with drippings on the side, and designed with chocolate fudge as border with Toblerone pieces and chocolate shavings on top.
    USD 66
  • Cherry Torte
    Chocolate chiffon cake slice in three layers, moistened with aromatic kirsch and filled with delicious strawberry cream filling. The cake is iced with a combination of plain and chocolate whipped cream marbled together. The side is generously covered with chocolate shavings and topped with maraschino cherries.
    USD 66
  • Gold Leaf Bear
    Nothing says I Love You more than Chocolates, Cute Teddy Bear surrounded by Gold Leaf Drops. This Ganache Cake is made with Chocolate Chiffon and Chocolate Buttercream.
    USD 72

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